The war for talent is real

... and it is more urgent than many organisations realise.

45% of employers say they cannot find people with the skills they need, and candidate availability is the lowest since 1997.

The tides have turned. Perhaps a year ago, employees struggled to find jobs - now they can choose from many opportunities.

And LinkedIn lists ‘salesperson’ as the 2nd most in-demand job.

This is welcome news for salespeople, but a massive challenge for business leaders. The U.S. Dept. of Labor reports that more people are leaving their current employment than have in the past 20 years, and nearly half of workers openly state they could look for a new job this year.

So the war for talent is an increasingly fierce competition to attract and retain great salespeople at a time when too few of them are available and their options so vast.

If we do not face up to this challenge:
We will see it in our teams.
We will see it in our numbers.
We will feel it when high performing salespeople leave, perhaps as part of the Great Resignation.

So how can we succeed in this chaos, continue to serve our customers, and achieve our business goals? Can we win the war on talent? Or, as a sales professional, how do you make informed decisions about your future?

In this Global Connect, we unpack why the war for sales talent is a war we cannot afford to lose.

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