Thinking is the performance differentiator

John Maxwell said it best.  He said: "Successful people think differently than unsuccessful people".  And we believe successful sales manages and successful sales professionals thinking fundamentally differently to others who are less successful.

So why is it not a priority?

We often hear organizations saying that if they could teach people critical thinking skills – they would lead better, manage better, communicate better and sell better. So why do organizations not focus on thinking skills? Is it really that hard to change mental habits?

Why does this matter to sales?

As sales evolves and faces our current reality, there is no doubt we need to shift some of our thinking. We have to challenge our mindsets and start to own different stories, many of which have made many people highly successful.  In the past.  Going forward we need to change some of our stories, and we need a few new ones.

Increase your success in sales

We share the thinking we believe needs to change, how you can change it and what you should change it to.