Relevance is the currency of value

The value-gap is the gap between what a client expects and what the client experiences. There is an increasing complexity in client expectations that if not addressed will increase your value gap.

The least complex client expectation is a clearly defined need, when the client knows what they want. Clients with problems that they need resolved, that are not always clearly defined, have higher expectations of you. Then, the most complex client expectation, is when a client has an outcome they want to achieve. Needs. Problems. Outcomes. The value exchange, the value you offer to close the value-gap, is different in each of these - and most businesses do not adjust accordingly.

Is your business aligned behind sales?

In your business, it is everyone's role to close the value-gap, by aligning the client experience to the client expectations, thereby maximizing the value exchange. The most significant influence sales professionals have in this value exchange is through better clarity of the clients' expectations, and how the business aligns to those expectations. Sales is therefore a team sport, not an individual one.

Global Connect #07 Complimentary Keynote

  • Recorded Wed, 12 May 2021
  • Duration: 1hr 15min