Sales coaching is a Sales Managers most important job

Sales coaching is a key role managers should play in developing people, improving performance and helping others achieve goals. Sales coaching is best thought of as a behaviour rather than a task where the focus is on helping team members self-assess and self-discover ways to solve problems and grow. This is the benefit for the sales professional. With good coaching they can identify blind-spots in their approach and then adapt their skills to improve. Research shows that sales professionals responsive to good coaching who work with a good coach, achieve a 64% higher quota attainment.

Meetings are not the same as intentional coaching sessions

As the world has been forced into a more virtual or hybrid environment, many managers and sales professionals have fallen into the ease of arranging online internal meetings, but seldom are these meetings set up with the specific intent to coach. We believe that this is because managers are not quite clear on what to coach and how to coach in this new environment. The intent of this Global Connect is to help sales managers and sales professionals adapt to this new reality, without losing the massive benefit of effective coaching.

In this Global Connect

Ultimately, the goal of sales coaching is to create an environment where team members feel selfmotivated to grow, excel and take greater responsibility for what they do. If you missed the Keynote, please watch the recording here:

Dur: 1hr 15min