Thinking is your superpower. Reflection is the key to unlock your thinking.

In sales, we seem even busier since moving to virtual or hybrid working environments – but has our performance improved? In our always-on and re-active lives we forget to take time to leverage our ultimate superpower –our thinking.  We need to find the time to reflect, before we can improve.

“Without reflection, we drift – others shape and direct us. With reflection, we can understand and even bend the trajectories of our lives“ Joseph Badaracco

Planning is your secret weapon.

Franklin said: “Success is the residue of planning”.

Effective planning is our secret weapon to unlocking success. Few salespeople or sales managers take the time to plan – and struggle without a framework to plan well. They are not sure of where they should improve, or how. Using our SNAP performance framework, we teach you how to rapidly reflect on where you are - and then plan how to improve each area.

Unlock peak performance.

In this Global Connect, we share our SNAP performance formula to reflect and correct your performance–now and every time in the future.

Recorded: Tues, 20 July 2021

Duration: 1hr 12min