It really is not about fire-breathing, walking over hot coals or singing the company song

Hosting an offsite conference, putting together a team-building exercise or breaking bread with your colleagues are all important events in the tough world of business. But they do not provide lasting motivation or engagement. Has our thinking shifted? Do we feel different? Will it last or is it just rah-rah?

Let us rather move from rah-rah to aha.

Talking matters, but it is still just talk

There are amazing motivational speakers, and many can draw you in as you connect with their message or story. The best ones create an internal spirit and drive to do better, be better, or achieve more. If we are lucky our thinking does change, and we certainly feel stronger or more uplifted. But unfortunately, many talks by professionals or by our own leaders fail to drive any sustainable impact or lasting engagement.

Let us rather move from blah-blah to aha.

Recorded: Wed, 01 September 2021

Duration: 1hr 21min