… and 8 other myths limiting your sales growth

A myth is a widely held but false belief or idea

And it is time to face up to - and kill these false beliefs in sales that many people still hold on to.

Let us kill these myths once and for all.

Why do we hold on to these customs or stories?

There are many sacred ideas or folklores handed down from generation to generation of sales people trying to earn an honest living in the best way they know.  Many of these ideas are self-limiting and work against us being successful in modern sales.

Knowing how to identify and then bust myths is vital to your survival.

So how do we kill these myths and replace them with truth?

In this, our eleventh, Global Connect we challenge statements like,   

"Sales people need to sell to the Decision Maker, or they need to make sure the buyer has budget, or relationships are the key to sales success".

Heck, we may even challenge a new myth – social selling is selling.

Recorded: 12 October 2021

Duration: 1hr 26min