... professionally and personaIly.

The challenge with moving too fast. The challenge with not slowing down.

Is that not weird - saying that in order to speed up, you must first slow down? We live in a world where it is GO, GO, GO. You can fail, but hey fail fast. Let us be the first to market. Let us be the most efficient (fast).

And, of course our favourite:- "ASAP!" But ... moving too fast causes errors, miscommunication, lack of strategic thinking, more stress, and even chaos.

Our organisations AND our bodies will suffer if we do not change.

The research is clear. Speed up now and suffer later. Do not rest now and break down sooner. Our brains are struggling with unprecedented levels of uncertainty, something they are not designed to handle.

Avoiding REST, not sleeping, not taking breaks and continuing to rush will have serious consequences

How do we build techniques to slow down effectively?

In this Global Connect we discuss the reasons why it is important to slow down. We also discuss the practical techniques to get this right - personally and professionally. And how this results in you being more impactful.

Recorded: 29 November 2021

Duration: 1hr 30min