In GC#22

  • Should we think this is the next thing?

What should we think about social selling? Why is there so much hype and disparate views on this topic? Is this something all of us need to be leveraging. The American software engineer Blake Ross said: “The next big thing is the one that makes the last big thing usable.”  Perhaps that is exactly right.

  • Why is this part of sales and not marketing?

If social selling is about reaching out to the market, forming new relationships or networking with potential customers, should we not call it social marketing?  Either way, what is it exactly and how do we make it practical to use?

  • So, is this something we should all be using?

Are we clear about the benefits, do we know where in the sales or marketing process it fits, do we need a course on how to use it? Great questions with very few sensible answers out there.  

We unpack the key mindset shifts you need to make, and the practical steps you can take if you want to maximise a social selling approach.



Useful tool or just hype?

Dur: 68min