We are facing a brand-new set of challenges as we enter a world of the unknown in the sales environment. We used to depend heavily on the social cues and interactions we received from our customers in the boardroom, but we now have to hope we can correctly decipher a client’s tone over email or a virtual connection. What threat does this pose to the health of our sales pipelines or to our structured sales processes? What exactly can we do to ensure we remain effective?

With over 4-billion consumers, customers, employees, and salespeople working, shopping, and staying home what does this mean for all of us in sales?

At Growth Matters International we’re really driving the concept of “Less Contact - More Connection”. A key aspect of virtual selling is making sure each and every form of contact we have with our clients adds value.

One way to ensure we are adding value is by using a platform that you are comfortable with. Being sure of the technology we need to use adds confidence to our client conversations. Another key aspect is to be empathic while on the calls, making sure we add a human touch to our calls. Whilst we have less contact there isn’t any reason we can’t still connect.

In a podcast I was listening to recently Gary Vee said the key to making a sale is to “give, give, give and then ask” and I think due to the uncertainty that we are currently facing this has never been more important. Checking in with our clients, providing them with updates on how our company is handling the pandemic and what steps we are taking to ensure that their business is still appreciated is important.

If you are doing sales pitches to new or existing clients try to incorporate a tactile aspect. On one of our recent Global Connects we heard a few ideas like having food delivered so that you are “sharing together”. Another idea is to have an example product sent to the customer so they can see it, try it or experience it, right there while on the call. It is simply all about finding creative ways to communicate in a different way – and making sure we are adding value in every interaction.

As Sales Managers, we need to remember to check in with our teams. We are all in the same position and some people in our teams might be struggling with the adjustment more than we are.

I guess the main thing to remember during this pandemic is to be building and strengthening relationships. At some point we will return to a new normal and our relationships we have will be vital to reviving our sales pipelines.

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