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Our Method is Our Madness

We aim always to leave you with a Framework of thinking to act as the smart app for your brain in dealing with any situation.


3 February 2022

Sales Performance Habits

Set yourself and your team up for sales success.

Learn the habits that separate the top sales performers from the rest.

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APAC - 16h00 Sydney time
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EMEA - 09h00 London time
(11h00 South Africa time)
(17h00 South Africa time)

Global Connect Recordings

If you missed any of the previous keynotes or would like to review any of the content, check the gallery below for the recordings.

Prescription without Diagnosis is Malpractice

29 November 2021

In GC#20 we discussed how continuing to do so leads to poor sales results, and how organisations need to assess their execution maturity and then improve it.

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Laying the Tracks for Success in '23

29 November 2021

What challenges lie ahead as you prepare for 2023?

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Quietening the Noise

29 November 2021

Sales is a noisy place right now. Too noisy. Many sales teams operate in a whirlwind of continuous noise, … and this craziness is impacting performance.

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Building Sales Competence

29 November 2021

The title for Global Connect #17 was BUILDING SALES COMPETENCE. But what is competence? These and many other questions unpacked in this Global Connect.

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Winning the War for Sales Talent

29 November 2021

The war for talent is real! And it is more urgent than many organisations realise.

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Slow Down to Speed Up

29 November 2021

Our final Global Connect keynote for the year of 2021. Slow Down to Speed Up explores the addiction hurry and the importance of taking time to slow down and reflect.

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Low Enablement Traction

Only 34% of leaders say the expectations of sales enablement are being met.

Strategic Misalignment

Only 23% of buyers chose sales reps as a top-three resource to solve business problems.

Low Return on Sales Resources

Salespeople only spend 32% of their time selling. Only a third of their time.

Poor Customer Experience

Less than 11% of B2B buyers say sales professionals exceed their expectations.